Identity and payments management for SaaS products

Seamlessly integrate Identity and Subscriptions management into your product, gaining full control over products, organisations, users, licenses, and payments - all in one unified solution
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Everything you need to authenticate users and monetise your products

Products and components of MYBACKEND

Manage organisations, users and roles

Our unified dashboard provides a complete view of your customers where you can control access and make changes across your entire system with intuitive role and permission settings.
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Organise users, groups and organisations in MYBACKEND
Subscription and payments management in MYBACKEND

Build plans, set pricing and manage subscriptions

Take complete control over your subscription offerings by configuring products and creating flexible plans with different pricing models. Enhance revenue growth and facilitate license sales by enabling trusted payment platforms such as:
  • Stripe payments
  • GoCardless payments
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Convert users faster with social logins

Allow users to sign up and sign in the way they prefer. With our support for various Social SSO providers, your customers can choose their preferred method, including:
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • and more!
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Multiple social login options in MYBACKEND
Multiple SSO options in MYBACKEND

Support enterprise customers with SSO and MFA

Elevate your support for enterprise customers with advanced authentication options through Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Our platform offers seamless integration with industry-leading authentication providers, such as:
  • Microsoft 365 / Azure Active Directory (AD)
  • Google Cloud Identity
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Avoid costs of building in-house authentication and payments management

All-in-one solution

Streamline your operations with our integrated platform, combining e-commerce and user management for effortless efficiency

Always secure

Let us handle your security worries as you delegate the responsibility to our experts, ensuring comprehensive data protection for your business

Enterprise ready

As your organisation grows, our authentication platform scales to meet your evolving needs

Transparent pricing

Our pricing structure offers a clear overview of costs, eliminating surprises or hidden fees in the process

Easy integration

We offer a hassle-free integration experience, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business


Optimise operations and reclaim precious time by simplifying implementation of user authentication with our platform

Massive cost savings

Think about the months, the team size, and the rates required to build your own solution –it all adds up to thousands.

Now, picture investing only a fraction of that in integration to our ready-made product, which covers not just one but two critical areas (identity and payments management) and can be customised to suit your specific requirements.
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Find our SDKs that match your chosen technology for quick setup and a rapid start.
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